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Q. I have been having some severe headaches lately. Can I come for a hypnotherapy treatment ? 

If you have a severe headache, the first thing to do is go to a licensed clinician and evaluate any physical causes. It is very important to receive a correct medical diagnosis and proper treatment. Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment but is a complementary modality which help address the emotional and behavioral aspects of the pain, including some underlying emotional issues related to it. 

Q. I have never been hypnotized. I am very scared. Is it dangerous ? 

It is very natural to be scared of something that you have not experienced before. There are many misconceptions regarding hypnosis which contribute to the mystery surrounding it. You can read about the misconceptions in the "hypnotherapy" page. We will also explore any ideas you might have regarding the nature of hypnosis on the first session.  This is very important before starting any form of intervention. Hypnosis is generally considered to be safe. That said, a hypnotherapist needs to be properly trained and qualified to conduct a safe and effective hypnotherapy intervention. I have been very well trained and supervised and still work on improving my skills on a daily basis. 

Q. How long will it take for you to fix my migraines using hypnotherapy ? 

First, it is important to know that I do not "fix". It is my personal belief that people are not broken therefore there's nothing to fix. The outcome of therapy can be varied based on the individual, the presenting problem, the inner belief system, the course of therapy and so forth. Generally hypnotherapy is considered a brief intervention, but the exact amount of sessions needed is variable. I do guarantee to provide the most efficient therapy based on the individual's presenting problem and desired outcome. 

Q. What does a hypnotherapy session look like ? 

In the "hypnotherapy session" page I have outlined what constitutes a hypnotherapy session. I do tailor the session according to the client and their needs, therefore a session done with one client most surely will not look the same to another. I have gained a wide variety of hypnotherapeutic tools which I am using based on the individual, the presenting problem and the treatment outcome. 

Q. Can anybody be hypnotized ?

It is generally considered that there are different levels of "hypnotizability", meaning that different people have different capabilities to enter hypnosis, just as some people have more talent for art or music. However generally most people can experience a state of hypnosis and benefit from it. I would say that experiencing hypnosis is like developing a skill. Similarly to other skills this gets better with practice. Having the ability to both concentrate and imagine are important to experience hypnosis (Spiegel & Spiegel 2004). 

Q. After the hypnotherapy session I felt a great improvement with my migraines. Can I stop taking my medications? 

Absolutely Not. Although I am pleased that you are experiencing a relief from your migraine, only your neurologist/family doctor can determine any change that should be made with your prescribed medications. 

Q. How would I feel after a hypnotherapy session ? 

The experience of hypnosis is very individual. However hypnosis is considered a state of deep relaxation combined with a focused and concentrated attention directed inward rather than outward. Generally, people report a sense of deep calm and relaxation after a session. Depending on the individual and presenting situation, hypnotherapy is used to release negative experiences or emotions which are related to the presenting problem. This can be accompanied by emotional outbursts often called ab-reactions. This is intended to "clear" the individual's "emotional box" and provide healing.

 Q. What should I do in between sessions ?

The effectiveness of the intervention is just like learning a new skill. You need to redo it until it is a second nature. Reprogramming the mind takes some practice and rehearsal. I am providing some reading material and a hypnosis CD at the end of the session, which should be listened to on a daily basis in order to strengthen the work done during the session. The more you adhere to listening to the CD and doing the exercises taught, the better the chances of you getting your outcome. Simple as that.

Q. How many sessions will it take before I start seeing results ? 

This is very individual. Some people report a relief after the initial session and some take longer. It depends on the individual, the presenting problem and many other aspects which are individual, including your expectations and definition of "relief". Hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective in treating pain disorders in general and migraine in particular, but it is not a magic cure. Your dedication and active participation in the sessions and doing the exercises in between sessions are very important for the success of the intervention. 

Q. What is regression hypnotherapy  ? Does everyone need to go through regression ?
Regression hypnotherapy is a technique used to uncover initial sensitizing events (ISE), which is assumed to be the cause of the current problem. In this process the person recalls past memories in order to release any negative impact or self-limiting beliefs generated as a result of the past event. After an event was properly released it is important to relearn from the event and install a more empowering belief as a part of subconscious relearning process. Not everyone have to go through regression, depending on the presenting problem and its origins.  In regression I am referring to age regression and not past life regression. 

Q. I think my migraine is a result of something that happened to me in a previous life. Can you help me find out ?
Past life regression is not a technique I am using. Furthermore, although I am undecided regarding the validity of past lives, I would encourage anyone to adopt an open mind regarding the nature of their problem and refrain from coming to therapy with a preconceived opinion which might be false. If you are open to explore other causes I would be delighted to help. 

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