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Nutrition and migraine - Katie Davis

Our food plays an important role in providing our body the necessary nutrients for its normal functioning. However, nutrition also plays an important part when people suffer from migraine disorders. Some of the food we consume, e.g. alcohol, chocolate, and aged cheese, can trigger a migraine attack. Beverages or over the counter medications containing caffeine, can help with migraines. However, over consumption of caffeine can lead to "rebound" headaches. 

Moreover, not all foods trigger a migraine attack in all people, and it is important to identify the types of food which might cause an attack. 

In this episode I talk with Katie Davis about the effects of nutrition on migraines, which types of food are known to trigger a migraine attack, and how to substitute them in our diets.


National Headache Foundation information about diet and migraine: 

Katie Davis is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist practicing in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Katie received her undergraduate education at Brigham Young University, studying Dietetics. She has been a Registered Dietitian for the past 12 years and has a love of helping people develop healthy, sustainable relationships with food and their bodies. while working through chronic pain and migraine disease.  

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